【禁聞】揭鐵路工程弊案 直指體制問題

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Railway Quality Caused Crash

Recently, China News, a mainland media revealed that
according to “hidden rules”,
the railway projects’ bidding process is internally decided.

The Ministry of Railways combines the functions of
purchase, operation and monitoring in one.
The projects were contracted to layers of subcontractors.
To make profits, they all cut corners.
Scholars and experts pointed out that the reason behind
this is China’s political system, which cannot be changed.

The Wenzhou train crash caused heavy casualties.

The death toll reported by civilians is 5 times the official one.
The really number of casualties remains a myth.
After the accident, people began to investigate the cause:
an equipment failure or man-made cause?
China News’s article published on August 3 revealed the truth.

The article said, in public sources, there is hardly any info
on railway projects’ bidding processes or their outcomes.
The Ministry of Railways combines the functions
purchase, operation and monitoring in one.
All the bidding for railway equipment is “black case operation.”

Issued by the Ministry of Railways, “Measures for
Implementation on Railway Construction Projects’ Bidding”
specifies: No work unit or individual shall unlawfully limit or
exclude the qualified legal persons or other organizations
that are outside the region or system to participate in the bid.

However, the enterprises outside of the system have to form
a consortium with peers in railway system to win contracts.

Wang Chengli, professor in the Institute of Urban Rail Transit
of Central South University said that
the municipal constructions like planning, bidding and bid,
are all arranged by the municipal governments.
He has never seen a so-called “third party.”

Wang Chengli: China International Company on Engineering
Information is just under the State Council.
This company is in charge of subway system evaluation
as well as the bidding process.
This chaotic structure is commonplace in China.
Its bidding and bid are all fabricated to fool the people.

China News also pointed out that in China, the railway
construction projects’ approval, bidding and bid
are all intervened by the Communist cadres.

There are also grey deals by intermediaries.
The projects are later contracted to multiple subcontractors.
All these directly lead to the final contractor inevitably
cutting corners and compromising the projects’ quality.

The report said, a bidder who participated in the bid for
high-speed railway construction materials said that
he won a project of RMB 300 million.

In the end, he only invested RMB 80 million,
and the rest was distributed to the relevant parties.

Professor Wang said that power and corruption caused
the quality of the projects and equipment to be substandard
and finally triggered the Wenzhou Crash accident.

It is China’s political system that caused current situation.
Nobody has a way to change it.

NTD reporters Dai Jing, Li Ting and Wang Mingyu