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【新唐人2012年7月19日訊】 涉薄案法國建築師離開柬埔寨前往中國

捲入薄熙來案的法國建築師多維爾(Patrick Devillers)在獲得中方多項保證,包括免於起訴等的情況下,7月17號離開柬埔寨,前往中國協助調查薄熙來、谷開來案。




十八大前洗牌 “政治新星”開始亮相

隨著中共十八大的臨近,關於中共新領導班子的各種傳言甚囂塵上。繼前幾天媒體爆料稱中共十八大將選出令人「耳目一新」的班子之後,7月 18號,路透社又引述消息來源說,不再擔任貴州省委書記的栗戰書,很可能將被委以重任。消息人士說,“栗戰書是新的政壇明星”。



香港書展開幕 禁書目錄成購書指南






French Architect Implicated in Bo Xilai Case Left for China

French architect Patrick Devillers,
implicated in the Bo Xilai case,
was promised legal immunity and other guarantees
by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities.
On July 17, Devillers reportedly left Cambodia for China to
help its investigation into Bo and his wife Gu Kailai.

The Cambodian National Police Deputy Chief told the AFP that

Devillers, detained in mid-June, was released this Monday,
and flew to China on a Shanghai-bound flight on Tuesday.

The Cambodian police’s arrest and release of Devillers were
all done at the request of the CCP regime,
according to a Radio France Internationale news report.

Patrick Devillers, 52, reportedly had close ties to Gu Kailai,
and both had business collaborations.
China is now conducting probes in whether Devillers helped
Gu in buying properties and laundering money overseas.
After Devillers was detained in the Cambodia,
the Beijing regime requested his extradition to China.

“New Political Star"Surfaced in CCP’s Leadership Reshuffle

As the CCP’s 18th Congress nears, varied versions of rumors
have flown around about the CCP’s new leadership team.
A few days ago, media reported that a “refreshing" team of
CCP leaders would be generated at the party congress.
On July 18, Reuters quoted sources as saying that
Li Zhanshu, former CCP chief of Guizhou Province,
is very likely to fill an important post.
“Li Zhanshu is a new political star," said the informed source.

According to the BBC’s Chinese version,
two unnamed sources told Reuters reporters that
61-year-old Li Zhanshu is a hot candidate for General Office
of the CCP Central Committee.
Li was said to be closely linked to Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping,
deemed acceptable by both factions of Hu and of Xi.

Another source revealed that Li Zhanshu may be named as
the CCP’s Organization Minister,
in charge of the Party cadres’political careers.

CCP’s Blacklist: A Buying Guide in Hong Kong Book Fair

The 23rd Hong Kong Book Fair opened its doors on July 18,
with 2,000 book stalls set up by 530+ publishers from 20+ countries.
The organizers expected to beat last year’s attendance of
950,000 people.
As many as 350 cultural events are scheduled to be launched
during the period of the fair.
The books banned in mainland China are the true spotlight
attracting a great many mainland tourists.
Publishers expect the books banned in China
and books on political-satire to be the top sellers.

A list of banned book authors in China has recently circulated
the internet. Reportedly it may serve as a Book-Buying Guide in the fair.

This “Anti-Porn & Vice Blacklist" prepared by the CCP authorities,
ranked dozens of"sensitive"individuals and publishers.
The name list includes Zeng Jinyan, Yang Jianli, Xu Youyu,
Han Dongfang, and Wang Dan among others.
Most of the banned publishers are from Hong Kong.

The banned books cover “Save For the Future"-Volume II
by Beijing artist Yang Weidong;
“Deity Ai: A Biography about Ai Weiwei" by Du Bin;
“15 Lectures on the History of the People’s Republic of China" by Wang Dan, and more.

The Blacklist was reported to be issued by the regime prior to
this June 4th, and is being continuously updated.