【禁聞】捲入中石油窩案 惠生賬本被帶走

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【新唐人2013年09月20日訊】捲入中石油窩案 惠生賬本被帶走




初中生發帖被警方刑拘 引起公憤





喀什加強排查 兩月捕五百維族人







Wison Engineering Allegedly Involved In PetroChina
Corruption Scandal

Shanghai-based Wison Engineering Services, a major supplier
to PetroChina said that authorities investigating the company
had taken account books and frozen certain bank accounts.

The company wasn’t told the reasons why.

On Sept. 19, the Hong Kong-listed Wison Group made a
Chairman Hua Bangsong, manager of the finance department
and staff Zhao Hongbin were assisting in the investigation.

Jiang Jiemin, former general manager of China National
Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) was accused of abuse of power
and investigated and now Wison, shares in Wison
have been suspended in Hong Kong since Sept. 2.

First Case Of Online “Reposts 500 Times"

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cracked down and the
“online rumors" campaign intensified.
It was extended to minors.
This provoked public anger.

Sources said that the minor is Yang, 16, a middle school
student in Zhangjiachuan County, Gansu Province.
Yang posted messages on Weibo microblog questioning
about a case where a man died unnaturally.
On Sept. 17, Yang was detained by police on the accusation of
making trouble.
The news aroused considerable netizens’ concerns.

On Sept. 19, key words of the incident were classified as
Baidu search engine’s hot words.
They named it “First case of reposted 500 times".

That the CCP extended its suppression to a school student,
was condemned by online public opinions.
Many netizens said:"Hand out kids!!" Some said:"The CCP is
even afraid of a child, it’s hopeless."

At Least 500 Uyghurs Arrested In Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia reported that recently the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) detained massive numbers of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.
Within months, 500 people were arrested.

The report said from July 20 up to last week, the CCP cracked
down on illegal immigration, illegal residence and illegal
workers, the so-called “three illegal”.Overseas Uyghurs Group
said that 500 people were detained on different allegations.
It included illegal participation of religious events,
spreading rumors online or terrorism-related activities.
Some people were released but kept under house surveillance.

Some were still being detained.

During cracking down “three illegal",nearly one hundred
Uyghur women were accused of wearing fancy dress or
participating in illegal religious activities, they were fined or
criminally detained.

Currently, Kashgar’s situation remains tense,
the crack down is continuing.
Social networks and mobile phone communication
were being tightly monitored.

On Sept. 19, New York Times reported that Chinese
security forces raided on Xinjinag Kashgar region.
The CCP reasoning was that it was a terrorist facility.

At least 12 men were killed and 20 were injured.