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已經向聯合國遞交了中國人權報告的人權組織——「人權觀察」的中國部主任索菲•理查森(Sophie Richardson)說, 習近平、李克強新政府上臺後,中國的人權狀況並沒有任何好轉,而且在一些關鍵問題上還出現了倒退,這讓他們非常失望。


長江就快「無魚可撈」 專家下「病危通知」








Human Rights Watch: Human Rights In China Worse

The UN Human Rights Council scheduled to
assess China’s human rights status on Oct. 22.

Sophie Richardson, China director of Human Rights Watch
has submitted China’s human rights report to the UN.
She says after new leaders Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang took
office, China’s human rights didn’t change for the better.
In fact they have declined on some key issues.
This is very disappointing.

Richardson says the Chinese leadership has
openly vowed to fight corruption.
However, in the past few months, anti-corruption activists
were vigorously suppressed.
The regime arrests and silences them,
not treating them as allies.
It shows that the new administration isn’t interested in
the open freedom of expression on political affairs.

Experts: Yangtze River Ecosystems Almost Collapse

Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the
third-longest in the world.
It was called China’s “natural fish warehouse”.

However, since more hydroelectric dams were built,
the fishing was badly affected, soon no fish will survive.
Experts and organizations have said
the river ecosystem has collapsed.
Ministry of Agriculture has issued a report about upstream
of Yangtze River.
It warns that Yangtze River’s fishery resources upstream
have seriously declined.
Some rare species face endangerment. The Jinsha River
fishery resources have almost collapsed.

More seriously, the Yangtze aquatic systems are not isolated.

It links terrestrial ecosystems and marine ecosystems,
the entire Yangtze River ecosystems have been destroyed.
Aquatic biodiversity lost its variety and the chain system
lost its balance.
Now the man-made effort to remedy Yangtze River
ecosystem is almost in vain.

Taiwanese Businessman: Investing In China is A Blind Alley

Taiwanese businessman Shen Po-sheng invested in Mainland
China in 1992, but was cheated of his property by Tianjin
local government.

On October 19, he gave a speech in a seminar called
“Japanese and Taiwanese enterprises report their victim
when they invested in Mainland China” in Tokyo, Japan.

He said that “investing in China is a blind alley”.

Shen Po-sheng said he used the money that his father got
from mortgaging his land to the bank and invested in China
22 years ago. All the money was cheated away by Tianjin
“gangster government”.
Tianjin Government even forced him to write “A Thanking
Letter to each level’ of Tianjin Government” and threatened
him not to tell any media about his experience after he backed
A Chinese court sentenced that he should been paid 190
million RMB, but he only received 16 million RMB.

Gao Weibang, the seminar’s organizer and chairman of
“Victims of Investment in China Association” also said that
“China’s rise” is actually equivalent to a series of robberies.

Most of the wealth in China was controlled by the party and
senior government officials, and then was transferred overseas.
He emphasized the most dangerous thing is that the Taiwan
government is signing General Agreement On Trade In
Services (GATS) agreement with the Chinese Communist Party.