【禁聞】外媒:與周案關聯 劉漢被處死

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【新唐人2015年02月10日訊】外媒:與周案關聯 劉漢被處死





高智晟身體開始恢復 仍自信樂觀




總部設在美國的全球搬運公司UniGroup Relocation日前發佈一份報告說,在華跨國企業僱員正在加速撤離中國。




香港媒體「am730」2月9號報導,美國律師事務所Pomerantz LLP,聯合至少6家美國律師事務所,指控大陸阿里巴巴集團違反美國證券交易法,未向投資者誠實披露業務營運與法律遵循上的嚴重問題。




Western Media ReportMining Tycoon Liu Han’s Execution

On Feb.9, former Sichuan mining tycoon Liu Han along with
four others were executed in Xianning, Hubei Province.
Major western media reported that Liu had close business
links with Zhou Bin, the son of former Politburo Standing
Committee member Zhou Yongkang. Liu Han’s execution is
seen as a satellite for the expected trial of Zhou Yongkang.

Liu ranked 230th among China’s wealthiest individuals.

He was tried along with 36 others on charges of murder
and leading mafia activities.

According to Reuters, Liu Han’s case is the most prominent
one involving private business owners since Xi Jinping
took power and started his anti-corruption campaign.

Mainland Chinese media do not directly link Liu Han with
Zhou Yongkang.
However, reports did mention that Liu’s rise was concurrent
with Zhou’s office term as Sichuan’s provincial Party secretary.

Gao Zhisheng Begins to Recover Physically,
and Stays Mentally Positive

Renowned Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s health was
severely damaged under the Chinese Communist Party’s
(CCP) long-term torture. After being released six months
ago, Gao is still under house arrest.
His wife Genghe told media that Gao’s health and speaking
ability began to recover recently.
Mentally he has started to be confident and optimistic.

Gao Zhisheng wrote a public letter to CCP leaders demanding
the immediate stop of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.
Since August 2006, Gao was subjected to abduction,
torture and illegal imprisonment.
When he was finally released on August 7 2014, he was
expressionless and had serious trouble speaking.
His health had also become extremely bad.

Twice as Many Foreign Employees Leaving China
in 2014 Than Moving in

UniGroup Relocation, a relocation company based in the
U.S., released a recent report saying more expatriate staff
escaped from China in the past year.

The report said twice as many expatriates left China than
moved into the country in 2014.
Major reasons for leaving include expired working visas,
rising living costs and serious air pollution.

Some people also told Wall Street Journal privately that they
were pushed into leaving by “China’s tightening political
atmosphere or uncertainty and business disruptions from
President Xi Jinping’s vigorous anti-corruption campaign”.

U.S. Law Firms Filed Lawsuit against Alibaba for Alleged
Violation of Federal Securities Laws

Hong Kong newspaper AM730 reported on Feb.9 that
Pomerantz LLP and at least 6 other American law firms
filed a lawsuit against the Alibaba Group.

The Complaint alleges that Alibaba violated the federal
securities laws as it “issued materially false and misleading
statements regarding the soundness of the Company’s
business operations and ongoing regulatory scrutiny."

The report said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) State
Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) issued a
white paper to accuse Alibaba of operational problems.
This was used by U.S. shareholders as their key weapon.

A Pomerantz LLP representative said investors had lost
billions of dollars since the SAIC’s white paper against
Alibaba was released.

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