【禁聞】美使館發警示 昆明過年或爆恐襲

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【新唐人2015年2月16日訊】美使館發警示 昆明過年或爆恐襲



上海紅頂商人澳門豪賭 輸10億





港人中聯辦示威 促釋放大陸異見者




U.S. Embassy Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Kunming
during Chinese New Year Holiday

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the U.S. Embassy in
Beijing released a security warning on its website.

The message said the U.S. Embassy “is aware of media
reports alleging that terrorists may be planning to launch
an attack in Kunming, Yunnan Province over the Lunar
New Year period."

The U.S. Embassy said it had not been able to verify the
accuracy of this report, but still reminded U.S. citizens
in China of the message and being careful on safety issues.

Before the U.S. Embassy warning message was released,
an urgent notice rumored to be issued by the General
Hospital of Chengdu Military Region had been circulating
on the Internet. The notice said the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) Ministry for Public Security released an internal
message that Kunming will be subject to terrorist attack
once again.

“The attack will be launched at crowded sites with bombs,
knife wielding and car crash."

The notice also required the hospital to keep at least one
official of the same or higher rank than deputy director
on duty for 24 hours per day.

So far there is no report on this issue from
party mouthpieces.

Neither has the CCP released any official warning message.

Shanghai Red-hat Businessman’s Gambling Debts
of $160 Million in Macau

Politics in Shanghai has drawn worldwide attention
following the Stampede Accident and Xi Jinping’s
recent “tiger hunt" moves.

Recently, Apply Daily quoted an overseas media report
according to an “authoritative source" of the Central
Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

The report revealed that Shao Dongming, a “red-hat
businessman" (a businessman and government official)
from Shanghai, owed gambling debts of a billion yuan
($160 M) in Macau.

Shao refused to pay the debt, and further injured debt
collectors with his power in Shanghai’s Political and
Legal system.

Shao has been sued by Macau’s casino,
which has drawn attention from CCDI.

Shao Dongming is the chairman of Shanghai Dongding
Investment Group, with personal properties totaling
billions of dollars.

Shao is called the “richest man in Baoshan District".

He has a close relationship with party officials and became
so-called “advanced representative" from private sectors.

Shao owns many political titles including People’s Congress
delegate, Political Consultative Conference member and
vice president of Industry and Commerce Association.

The report said, Shao had flaunted his close relationship
with Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong by saying he frequently
visited Yang’s home.

Shao also threatened that anyone creating trouble for him
in Shanghai will only end up in jail.
Hong Kong Groups Demonstrated at the Liaison Office
Demanding Release of Detained Dissidents in Mainland China

On Feb.15, several Hong Kong civil groups demonstrated
to demand the CCP stop house arrest, torture and political
persecution on dissidents and human rights activists.

Protesters wore white T-shirts reading “Rehabilitate June
Fourth Incident Victims," held huge banners and shouted
slogans as they marched to the CCP Liaison Office
in Hong Kong.

They Put New Year Couplets on the wall outside the office
to demand release of imprisoned dissidents.

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