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维稳升级 “煽颠”重罪刑拘多人





Kunming Citizens Keep Protesting Over Chemical Refinery

On May 16th, several thousand people held a protest in
Kuiming City, Yunnan Province.
They protested over plans for a refinery producing
paraxylene (PX), a suspected carcinogen.
Many police arrived and lined up shoulder to shoulder
separating protesters.
Both sides clashed; some protesters were arrested.

Demonstrators hold placards “No PX In Kunming”.

They held slogans saying “Today against people’s will,
tomorrow will be punished by nature”.
Many netizens posted pictures online, but were soon deleted.

This is the second protest in Kunming this month.

After the last protest was held on May 4th, the city mayor said
“If the majority are against the plan, we will abandon it.”

The city council held a project meeting with citizens this week.
They claimed they need to listen to different opinions.

Sources said that all universities in Kunming received notice.

It requested students and teachers agree that they won’t
mention the project again.
The notice also asked students and teachers to sign a
statement promising no gathering, no protest;
Not to circulate or forward related content online,
not give speeches about it in public.

US Media: China’s Four Universities Link
With Military Cyber Attacks

Washington Free Beacon website reported that four universities
in China became military cyber attack training centers.

The report said that Wuhan University, Shandong Lanxiang
Vocational School, Jiao Tong University, and Information
Engineering University all linked with military 61398,
a cyber warfare unit. They provide cyber hackers.

According to US officials, Wuhan’s Computer Science School
laboratory was identified as an information Network Attack and Defense Research Center.
The school has trained more than 760 people who currently
are in the Chinese military and government.

The report said that Shanghai Jiao Tong University and
Zhengzhou’s Information Engineering University of Peoples
Liberation Army are closely connected and cooperated with
the military cyber warfare unit.
They research and develop new cyber attack tactics.

Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School was a private school.

It was a private school that provides
technical specialists to the military.

Several Activists Detained For Inciting Subversion Of State Power

Human Rights activists Liu Ping, Wei Zhongping and Li Sihua
in Jiangxi Province were detained by police for allegedly “inciting subversion of state power”.
Observers believe that “inciting subversion of state power”
is a severe political crime.
Three of them were detained at the same time for
the same reason, which is a rare move.

Voice of America cited Beijing activist Hu Jia that “inciting
subversion of state power” usually was for individuals.
By authorities targeting three people at the same time, is to deter
the public domestically without drawing international attention.
This way to avoid paying a high cost politically.

Hu Jia believes that this is a new tactic of
maintaining “stability”.