【禁闻】不得报导越南反华暴乱 中共严查

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【新唐人2014年05月16日讯】不得报导越南反华暴乱 中共严查





中共在赤瓜礁填海 菲律宾监视






中、俄下周签署合作协议 普京访华







Chinese Communist Party Strictly Restricted Reporting The
Vietnam Anti-Chinese Riot.

Anti-Chinese riots continued to spread in Vietnam
on Thursday.
Violence has killed at least 20 people and the local
Chinese-funded enterprises suffered heavy losses.
But Chinese media is being unusually low profile.

The largest steel plant set up by Taiwan Formosa Plastics
Group in Ha Tinh Province was attacked on Wednesday.
Ha Tinh provincial hospital staff said about 100 people were
sent to hospital and most are Chinese.
They also confirmed five Vietnamese workers
and 16 Chinese workers died.

Mainland CCTV news on Wednesday and Thursday evening
did not mention the situation in Vietnam.
The official People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency home
pages have no information of Chinese casualties in the riot.
Foreign media even heard that the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) issued a prohibition to the media on Wednesday.

The order said: “Absolutely do not report on any news of
Chinese-funded enterprises in Vietnam being attacked.
Do not republish foreign coverage.
Stringently find and delete related news, commentary,
and images on interactive [Web] platforms."

Philippines Monitored the Chinese Communist Party
Reclamation Work at Red Reef

The Philippine government released photographs taken by
reconnaissance aircraft on May 15.
It shows that China is reclaiming land close the Red Reef to
possibly prepare for a future runway.
China is violating the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties
in the South China Sea.

Philippine Air Force saw China’s reclamation six months ago.
The Philippine Defense Secretary said that the Philippine
military have been monitoring China’s activities at Red Reef.

The Philippine government estimates that China’s
total reclaimed area is at least 30 hectares.

The Philippines intends to open the Palawan
base to U.S. military.

To enhance the offshore guard force, the Philippines could
let U.S. military use Palawan Island naval base to ensure
U.S. warships can get closer to the disputed South China Sea.

British Reuters reported on May 15 that the Philippines
currently has two military bases open to the U.S.
The Philippines also began a large base construction in Oyster
Bay, 160 km from Spratly Islands together with U.S. military.

Russia’s Putin Visiting China Next Week
to Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Chinese and Russian Presidents may sign a gas cooperation
agreement next week during Vladimir Putin’s China visit.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media reported that
Putin will be invited to visit China on May 20 to attend the
Asia Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building
Measures meeting in Shanghai.

There is speculation whether the summit will discuss the
Ukraine crisis as well as territorial disputes between China
and its neighbors.

Coal Mining Accident in Shanghai; 10 People, Killed Three
People Trapped.

An incident happened at Dahaize mine in Yuyang District,
Yulin City of Shanxi Province.
There were 10 deaths and 3 people trapped underground
until 6pm on May 15.
There were 37 people working underground when the incident
happened and 26 of them were rescued initially.

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