【禁闻】一人一帐篷 占中长期抗争

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【新唐人2014年10月13日讯】一人一帐篷 占中长期抗争










又赖西方推占中 美国不买单





Occupy Central; Long-term Struggle With One Tent
Per Person

October 12 marks the 15 days of Occupy Central.

Scholarism, who initiated the long-term struggle with one tent
per person, announced there were 2000 people.

500 stayed overnight two nights ago.

Apple Daily said that many people are forced on the streets by
tear gas.

They have to spend nights in the street because the Chief
Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam cancelled the
dialogue with Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS).

However, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying initially called
Occupy Central “Out of Control" during the 12th TVB radio
program “clarifying clearly".

One sponsor of Occupy Central Tai Yiu-ting responded at the
Admiralty rally main stage, “the government is out of control."

Democratic Party founding chairman Mr Martin Lee also said
the current situation is because Leung Chun-ying submitted
a false political reform report to the Beijing authorities and his
government should be responsible to resolve matters.

Scholars Wrote to Xi Jinping. Leung Chun-ying Destroyed
China’s Dream

On Oct. 11, Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) and
Scholarism wrote a public letter to Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) President Xi Jinping.

The letter criticized Leung Chun Ying for acting in opposition
to Xi Jinping’s “China dream must rely on the people to realize".

The letter said that 700 thousand Hong Kong people advocate
citizen nomination as the political reform direction.

However, the government did not accurately record
the numbers.

They also lied that Hong Kong people don’t agree with the
Legislative Council system reform at the first stages.

The false report resulted in today’s National Peoples Congress
Standing Committee (NPCSC) political reform framework.

The open letter also stressed that the Occupy Central is not
revolution color but Hong Kong pro-democracy movement.

The authorities don’t need to fear people electing their own
Hong Kong Chief Executive Central with confidence.

On the contrary, the genuine universal suffrage can really
reflect Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy.

On Oct. 12, Deputy Secretary General of HKFS Cen Aohui
said the open letter hopes the central officials don’t make the
movement a revolution or turmoil by misjudging the situation
because of rumor and let them know what students are doing.

Lai also made it clear that the Western United States does not
pay to push

Cen Aohui’s words respond to a signed commentary in the
Oct. 11 People’s Daily Overseas Edition.

The comment, written by the researcher of the China Ministry
of Commerce Mei Xinyu, described the 15 days of Occupy
Central as a turmoil; and accused the United States and
Western forces of intervention.

The US State department responded to questions on Friday
by stating that officials “categorically reject accusations that
we are manipulating the activities of any person, group or
political party in Hong Kong".

Spokeswoman Marie Harf said, “what is happening there is
about the people of Hong Kong…

Any assertion otherwise is an attempt to distract from the
issue at hand, which is the people expressing their desire for
universal suffrage in an election that provides a meaningful
choice of candidates representative of their own voters’ will."