【禁闻】首位女将军被查 或涉活摘器官

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【新唐人2014年12月05日讯】首位女将军被查 或涉活摘器官





首个宪法日 千访民被关黑监狱






香港学生继续绝食 要求对话




Senior General Allegedly Involved in Live Organ Harvesting Sacked

Major General Gao Xiaoyan is a Deputy Political Commissar
of the PLA Information Engineering University.

The military prosecution took her away recently on suspicion
of taking bribes.

She is the first female General sacked
after the 18th National Congress.

Caixin media reported that: Gao Xiaoyan was taken away on
Nov. 27, and her home at the General Staff Army General
Hospital (309 Hospital) was also raided.

Sources said that the Gao Xiaoyan was involved in a group
crime case at the 309 Hospital logistics infrastructure sector.

Public information revealed that Gao Xiaoyan served as Political
Commissar of 309 Hospital between 2005 and 2012.

She was then transferred to Zhengzhou as a Deputy Political
Commissar of the Information Engineering University.

According to an October publication of the World Organization
to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong:

PLA hospitals are the core institutions executing the massacre
command of Jiang Zemin of Organ Harvesting from living Falun
Gong practitioners for transplants.

The 309 Hospital was renamed by General Logistics
Department as The Army Organ Transplant Center in 2006,
then The Army Organ Transplant Research Institute in 2011.

As the central profit generating department, the medical gross
income has increased from 30 million yuan in 2006 to 230 million
yuan in 2010.

Thousands of Petitioners are Arrested on the First Constitution Day

On Dec. 4, the first CCP Constitution Day, when the educational
propaganda on the Constitution was hyped, petitioners from
across the country flocked to Beijing to raise their grievances.

As a result, thousands of them were blocked by the police
and detained in black jails such as Jiujing Zhuang.

There are also seven Heilongjiang Province police who hoped
to resolve their grievance at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

The suppression from Beijing police had them
attempted group suicide.

Capitol Hill Holds The Nine Commentaries Seminar

The 10th Anniversary of the Publication of the Nine Commentaries
of Communist Party Forum was held on Dec. 3 at Capitol Hill.

Some of the Participating speakers are Ambassador Joseph Rees,
a former U.S. ambassador to East Timor,

analyst of the Chinese military at the International Assessment
and Strategy Center,Richard Fisher, and others.

The Epoch Times reported that the Nine Commentaries
has brought spiritual awakening to the mainland Chinese.

The Nine Commentaries is rebuilding moral fibre in the Chinese
and saving their soul.

The wave of Tuidang, the renouncing of the CCP,
will also bring changes to China.

Hong Kong Students Continue Hunger Strike for Dialogue

On the 68th day of the occupation, five members of Scholarism
continued their hunger strike at the Admiralty:

asking the Hong Kong Government to restart the dialogue
on political reform.

After their letter addressed to Leung Chun-ying, they issued
another open letter to the Pro-Beijing Camp wishing for
their assistance in starting a dialogue with the government.

The first three hunger strike students have been fasting
for three days, their physical condition is deteriorated.

The Government and the former Chinese students movement
leader Wang Dan have publicly expressed the hope that the
students would stop the hunger strike.

But the students insist on their firm wish.

Edit/Zhou Yulin