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China Frigate Ran Aground in Disputed Water

On July 11, a Chinese warship ran aground to the
Philippines in the South China Sea.
Rescue has taken place on China side, but the ship stuck in
disputed waters and salvage could be diplomatically challenging.

China Ministry of Defense website claimed that the ship was
on “routine patrol”
when it became stranded near Half Moon Shoal
in the Spratly Islands.

Reports said that it was China Navy No. 560-Dongguan
warship on a “routine patrol”
when it got stuck near Half Moon Shoal
in the South-East of South China Sea.

According to BBC, the accident ground is 111kms away from
west of Palawan of the Philippine island.
Salvage could be a diplomatic challenge, as the Chinese ship
ran aground within 200kms off the Philippine coast.
The UN Convention’s law of the sea provides that a State has
a right to the exclusive economic waters 200 nautical miles away from its coastline.

Russian media: A Sino-Vietnam War Seems Inevitable

On July 12, a Russian newspaper commented that Sino-
Vietnam ships ran into disputed water, and a war seems inevitable.
The report said that in order to divert domestic conflict,
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may create a war in a short time.

The report said that China National Offshore Oil Co.
announced at end of June, that nine of the South China Sea oil fields are up for bidding.
The nine oil fields includes the disputed Exclusive Economic
Zone which Vietnam also claimed.
Thus, Vietnam said China threatened Vietnam’s
sovereignty and China should stop immediately.
Soon, Sino-Vietnam’s warships built-up in disputed water,
a war seems starting in any time.

The report analyzed that the CCP may take the risks
to start a war, as their purpose is to divert increasingly
intensified national conflicts which could cause the CCP
to collapse.

A Large-Scale Conflict Took Place in Xi’an

On July 13, protesters blocked the road in Xi’an, Shaanxi
Province, and traffic had been at a standstill for hours.
As migrant workers chased their wages but were brutally
beaten by thugs hired by employers, many workers were injured.
Angry workers held protests and blocked the Big Roundabout
road at Yuxiangmen, shouting, “return our bloody money” and, “police protect gangs.”
Hundreds of riot police arrived and dismissed protesters.

People posted on microblogs that Migrant workers of Big
Roundabout at Yuxiangmen in Xi’an had been uprising.

According to local migrant workers, Xi’an China Railway
Bureau, which contracted Xi’an Tianlang Real Estate a project, owed migrant workers and material fees of 87 million Yuan.
However, Tianlang company never paid
Xi’an China Railway Bureau.
On July 11, both sides started negotiation
in Tianlang company.
On July 13, Tianlang company hired unidentified thugs who
beat migrant workers that were awaiting results outside.

Migrant workers said that 11 were beaten to the ground,
two people’s lives are in a critical condition –
one’s liver and spleen were damaged,
another was knocked unconscious.
Some people’s ribs were broken,
some female workers were also injured.
Protesters said that local police ignored the fight,

workers were seeking help from all media in Xi’an
in stead. However, none of them responded.