【禁聞】 7月股市流行語:今天你銷戶了嗎

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謝田:「股市的最大的問題,一個是不透明,再一個就是官官相護,內線交易,這一切都和中國共產黨,一黨獨大的體制和利益集團的操控有關係, 從政治上不改變的話,他們經濟上的權益得不到保障的。 」









採訪編輯/劉惠 後製/ 周天

Popular Words in July China Stock Market: Have you cancelled accounts?

China stocks have continued falling for two months;
A-shares fell to their lowest point.
On July 19th, it dropped back to more than 2100 points like
it did 13 years ago. More shareholders lost confidence.
Over the last two months each day more than 1,500 share-
holders cancelled their accounts, swearing never come back.
“Have you cancelled accounts?” becomes popular words
among shareholders in July.
Many billionaires’ investments shrank, becoming millionaires.

Experts said that without changing the political system,
peoples’ economic rights would never have protection.

“The latest released data shows that more than 30,000 A
shareholders cancelled their accounts in the last two months.
The lost accounts increased to 6 million within 6 months; 0.22
million account holders left A-shares market up to June 2012.

China Securities Depository and Clearing Co. data shows that
with market value at 10 million to 100 million, shareholders’ accounts dropped to 16,793 at end of June.
1752 customers left from May’s 18,545 figures.
The cancellation rate is about 10%.

Xie Tian, a professor at the Aiken School of Business at the
University of South Carolina commented.
He said China stock market fell continuously,
entering hibernation status.
Apart from stock market’s manipulators leaving, economic
slowdown and inflation left people having no ability to invest.

Xie Tian: “In stock market, the first major problem is lack of
The second is officials’ corruption and trading behind the
All these problems relate to the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) one-party dominance system and interest gain groups’ manipulation.
Without changing the political system, people’s economic
rights have never been protected.”

Some shareholders said that China stock market was the
most corrupt expropriated market!
It also likened to a “bloody press machine” eating people
without spitting out the bones.
It is a tool to exploit people by governmental elites and
interest gain groups.

Xietian points out the biggest difference between Chinese
and U.S. Stock Markets is Market Surveillance.
He said the United States has a complete Market Surveillance
which prohibits backstage trading and protects all share holders’
rights, especially those of individual holders and small investors.

Xietian: “In the past few decades the Chinese stock market
is basically an extortion tool. A machine to take money from the citizens.
When they’ve squeezed out all the money, they leave and
the rest of the shareholders realize their money is trapped.”

China financial think-tank researcher Gong Shengli says that

10 years ago, only 10 out of the top Fortune 500 companies
involved in money expropriation through the stock market.
Now more than 60 companies do this.

Gong Shengli: “When most new or
old stock shares are issued,
a lot of state owned enterprises deprive money back
not once or twice, but an infinite number of times.
They continue to expand shares. State-owned enterprises
are the biggest taboos in China’s stock market.”

As of the 19th, Chinese stock market has dropped back to
2100 points, where it was 13 years ago.
Gong Shengli says the phenomenon of Chinese stock market
is the representation of all enterprises in China.

Gong Shengli: “People have already left
China’s capital market.
Now there’s another one, which is the monopoly of
state-owned enterprise.
It is almost impossible for individuals or
independent business to enter the capital market.”

How does one become a millionaire in the stock market?

One classic answer is to enter the market with ten million
But as the stock index continues to fall, those who have
invested in them become victims once again.