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除了大批律師指出「兩高」越權違法外,一些媒體和媒體人也發聲反擊,他們指出﹕由中共政府發佈的誤導性信息,危害性比「民謠」 更大,打擊網路謠言更應該從治理「官謠」做起。


四川網友「擺古論今」舉例說:「 央視義正詞嚴的宣稱:『歐美制裁使敘利亞4500 萬個家庭遭災!』 敘利亞總人口才2219.8萬﹗」










VOA: China Judicial Interpretation of New Measures
CruelAnd Nonsensensical

China’s Supreme Court and top procuratorate jointly issued
interpretation on new regulations for online rumors.
It was continuously condemned by public opinon
at home and abroad.

Voice of America (VOA) reported that this interpretation is
nonsense.It provides legal support for the regime’s police.

PC World magazine in the US reported that China’s judicial
interpretation of “new measures said, internet users can face
defamation charges if their online posts have been read 5,000
times or reposted 500 times.
If found guilty, users could face jail for up to three years.”

VOA said that China’s judicial interpretation of the new
measures is nonsense and cruel.

Official Rumors Do More Harm Than Netizens

Judicial interpretation of “defamation information reposted
500 times incurs charges” caused widespread netziens’debates.

Lawyers pointed out that the Supreme Court and highest
Procuratorate violated the law.
There are also some voices from the media against this.

They said the Chinese regime had published many fake news
stories which were misleading the public.
These did more harm than netziens’ online rumors.

To clear out online rumors it should start with clearing out
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rumors.

Netizens dug out many fake news made by the CCP in the past.

They were widely reposted, and netizens requested charging
the officials who created the rumors.

Netizens in Sichuan said China’s Central Television(CCTV)
claimed that “European and US sanctions over Syria had
brought 45 million families disasters. Netizens questioned that
Syria only has a population of 22.4 million!

China-based writer Luo Zhiyuan said that Xinhua news and
CCTV are producers of lies.
Recently, they issued fake reports saying that Istanbul was the
winning city for the 2020 Olympic Games.
Actually it is Tokyo. Changsha Wanbao had to recall several
hundred thousands newspapers.
Lou questioned that the CCP created rumors, so
how to punish them?

A Guangzhou lawyer said that if the CCP doesn’t punish the
people creating rumors in Xinhua news and CCTV, it will be
hard to justify implementing the new measures for online rumors.

It will obviously only be used for protecting officials but
applying suppression to public expression.

Hundreds Of lawyers Join Legal Support Group Of
Guo Feixiong’s Case

On August 8, activist Guo Feixiong was detained by Guangzhou
police on allegations of “gathering crowds, disturbing social order”.
Later, Lawyer Wang Cheng, Tang Jitian, Jiang Tianyong and
other supporters formed “Guo Feixiong’s case legal support group”.
It started on August 17. By Sept. 9, 108 lawyers and legal workers
signed their names to join the group.

Seven Shanghai Petitioners Threw Thousands Of
Flyers Into The Air In Beijing

On Sept. 9, seven Shanghai petitioners including a blind man
Chen Yongcheng threw thousands of flyers into the air in Beijing.
The materials are about their mistreatment,
and exposing their local government’s corruption.

Later, they were detained by police. Now they are being taken
to their hometown.

Blind man Cheng Yongcheng appealed that his disabilities
benefit had long been deprived by the local government.
Other petitioners appealed for their homes
being forcibly demolished.