【禁聞】再揭馬三家暴行 杜斌新書香港上市

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【新唐人2014年07月23日訊】再揭馬三家暴行 杜斌新書香港上市

曾拍攝記錄片《小鬼頭上的女人》,揭露遼寧瀋陽「馬三家女子勞教所」黑幕的獨立製片人杜斌,7月21號又在香港出版了他的新書﹣﹣《陰道昏迷 馬三家女子勞教所的酷刑倖存者證詞》,再次揭露「馬三家女子勞教所」對法輪功學員和訪民殘暴虐待。








觸碰新聞管制新規 記者被迫離職







New Book Out in Hong Kong
Exposes Masanjia Labor Camp Crimes

Independent producer Du Bin, who released the documentary
Women Above Ghost's Heads, has published a new book
in Hong Kong, titled, Vaginal Coma: The testimony of torture
survivors from Masanjia Women's labor camp.

Du’s book once again exposes the brutal abuse to petitioners
and Falun Gong practitioners in the Masanjia Labor Camp.

The book details interviews with torture victims and witnesses
who share what they personally experienced or saw at Masanjia.

Du posted on Twitter, saying: "As a person, there is no reason
nor excuse to forgive the atrocities of the Masanjia Women’s
Labor Camp: Feeding women using uterine dilators for long
periods of time; forcing women to sleep in their excrement;
violently raping women’s genitals with toothbrushes;
forcing chili powder into women’s genitals;
raping women with electric batons
and shocking their genitals and breasts;
throwing women into male prison cells to
be raped by inmates..'

Some media commented that this book is the living fossil
of the 58 some years of havoc wreaked by China’s infamous
labor reeducation system.

It's also irrefutable evidence that the communist regime
is the greatest ever shame to humanity on the face of the earth.

Fake Twitter Account propagated Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) Tibet Policy

On July 21, London-based Tibetan advocacy group Free Tibet
issued a statement saying they’ve identified over 100
fake accounts on Twitter.

Many of the accounts use the names and images
of well known Westerners to attract a following.

The fake Twitter accounts mainly spreads CCP propaganda
on issues such as Tibet and Xinjiang.

Free Tibet contacted Twitter to request that an investigation
be launched and for the fake accounts to be removed.

The New York Times reports show that these fake accounts
trace back to Beijing Wuzhou Communication Center.

The New York Times reports that the use of fake accounts
coincides with the CCP’s increasingly skillful propaganda.

The Reporter was Forced to Leave Due to Touch the New News Regulations

Famous mainland Chinese reporter Song Zhibiao
of China Fortune magazine was forced to resign after columns
he was writing for Hong Kong media touched on the CCP’s
new censorship rules.

A July 22 report by The New York Times says Song Zhibiao
wrote the article 'Four Years' Change in Promoting Mandarin
and abolishing Cantonese' on July 16 for the website of
Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily News.
On July 18th, Song had to leave China Fortune magazine,
which is owned by Southern Newspaper Media Group.

The Chinese-language website of the New York Times reports
that Song says the cause of his departure is that he wrote
for the Oriental Daily News website, violating the CCP's
latest rules that forbid reporters from writing for foreign media.

Song may be the first reporter
to be punished under the new regulations.

Voice of America reports that the International Federation
of Journalists published an article on July 22th condemning
Guangdong authorities' pressuring the media to expel Song.

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