【禁闻】撕开法治黑洞 十律师遭围殴

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报导说,唐吉田在匆匆挂断电话之前暗示,这次事件与610办公室有关。 (610办公室是中共专门迫害法轮功的机构)

位于四川资阳市雁江区的二娥湖法制教育中心,表面看是渡假山庄和法制学习班,实际上是四川最大的黑监狱, 由资阳市政法委、610设立,他们将访民和法轮功学员直接绑架进去,完全剥夺他们的人身自由,最长可达5、6年,有些人甚至被折磨致死。目前仍关押有200多人。



中宣部密令 禁报“自杀”案件







Ten Attorneys Beaten Up

On May 13th some human rights lawyers visited Ere Lake
legal education center in Ziyang, China.
They were beaten up by plainclothes policemen,
then forcibly taken to Yingjie police station.
No one knows where they are now.

The attorneys included Tang Jitian, Jiang Tianyong, Liang
Xiaojun, Tang Tianhao, Lin Qilei, Zhang Keke, and others.
Four lawyers went to rescue them.

Those four lawyers were also beaten and arrested, including
Li Heping, Wang Cheng, Yang Huiwen and Wen Haibo.
An NTD television reporter called the ten attorneys,
but couldn’t get through.

Tang Jitian told Deutsche Welle,
many lawyers were beaten and wounded.
Jiang Tianyong’s leg was injured, Tang Tianhao
and others had varying degrees of trauma.

The report said that Tang Jitian implied the incident was
related to the 610 Office before he hastily hung up the phone.
The 610 Office is a particular Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
agency tool in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Ere Lake Legal education center is located in Ziyang,
Yanjiang District, Sichuan Province.
It is superficially a Mountain Resort and an education center,
but actually is the biggest black jail in Sichuan Province.
It was established by Ziyang Politics and
Law Committee and the 610 office.
They kidnapped petitioners and Falun Gong practitioners
and sent them there.
The prisoners were completely deprived their personal
freedom for up to five or six years.
Some were even tortured to death.
Now more than 200 people are still detained.

Shandong lawyer Liu Weiguo said what triggered authorities to
conduct such violence to suppress the lawyers could be because
they exposed the black hole that is the rule of law in China.

Chinese legal scholar, Teng Biao also said that black jails like
legal education centers and brainwashing centers in China
were holding large numbers of petitioners and Falun Gong
practitioners in detention.
He said, according to lawyers’ polls, more people were killed
in these illegal detention places, than in prisons and labor camps.

Top Secret: Chinese Communist Party
Forbids Media To Report Suicide Cases

Radio France Internationale reported on May 13th
on overseas website China Digital Times.
China Digital revealed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Central Propaganda Department just issued an order for
the media not to cover news of suicides independently.

Central Propaganda Department issued a notice on May 10th:

“For suicide cases, the media reports should strictly follow
universal releases of the judicial authority departments.
They cannot do speculation or rendering,
or do their own coverage of the news reviews."

It was said the Central Propaganda Department directions were
sent verbally; the actual wording was difficult to confirm.

On May 3rd a woman’s death in Jingwen Mall,
Beijing caused large-scale social protests.
The South Fourth Beltway got seriously congested.

For the rare social protests in the center of Beijing,
the CCP mouthpiece media didn’t report on them.
The microblogs also had postings wantonly deleted.

It could not be confirmed if this notification of CCP
Propaganda Department was related to this incident or not.