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声明呼吁外界继续关注因营救他们而仍被建三 江关押的14位公民,关注仍在前往建三江营救这些公民的律师的安危。并恳请外界继续关注和帮助那些被黑监狱关押的公民及他们的家属。


广东律师因言获罪 声援律师超200















Four Lawyers’ Statement Condemns Jiangsanjiang Violence

Four lawyers were brutally tortured over 15 days detention,
because they investigated and sued Jiansanjiang’s black jail.
On April 13, the four lawyers jointly issued a statement to
condemn Jiansanjiang Nongken Police Station, which is
illegally holding lawyers and citizens.

The lawyers’ statement said Nongken Bureau is a center that
is supposed to educate people in legal knowledge.
In reality it is a criminal place that illegal detains citizens
who hold onto their beliefs.
The legal action is from the lawyers who accepted victims or
their families’ cases to investigate and to sue Jiansanjiang
police station which detained and brutally tortured them.

It seriously breached the law.

The statement urged the public to remain continuously
concerned and rescue the 14 detainees who are still being held.
The lawyers also called on the public to pay attention to those
people who are on the way to rescue the lawyers still in the jail.
They requested the public to help the detainees
and their families.

The statement asked the regime to immediately inspect and
ban the Legal Educational Center, which replaced the labor
camps and investigate those responsible for the violation
of the law.

200 Lawyers Support Guandong Lawyers
Detained For Their Speeches

Lawyers in Mainland China launched a campaign to rescue
Guangdong human rights lawyer Wang Quanping.

Wang previously drove 2,500 kilometers to Beijing Haidian
Court. He attended Ding Jiaxi and Li Wei’s hearing.
Wang put slogans on his car questioning “Is it illegal to
request officials to disclose their private assets?”

On April 11, several lawyers set up a campaign
to rescue Wang Quanping.
By April 13, 251 lawyers signed their names wanting
to be Wang’s defense lawyer.
Many citizens from other cities also
signed their name to support Wang.

Signatures Are Still Increasing.

Thousands of Huazhou people in Guangzhou Province
protested against the plans to build a crematorium.

On April 12, thousands of citizens in Maoming city
protested on the street.
They are resisting the plans to build a crematorium locally.
Many special police were dispatched to the site.

Netizens say that deputy mayor in Huanzhou city talked to
the protesters.
He couldn’t give a satisfactory answer. Later he hid in a bank.

The protest started on April 9. After several days,
more people joined in.
Local villagers say that the protest will continue until
they stop the building of the crematorium.

Sources say that crematorium is one of the fastest profitable
industries in China due to the increase in the aging population.
The crematorium business will bring the local regime many
business opportunities.

Hong Kong Alliance Protests The Denial Of
Leung Kwok-hung’s Entry to China

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic
Movements in China issued a statement on April 12.
The statement revealed that Shanghai customs stopped Leung
Kwok-hung, wearing a T-shirt printed with “Redress June 4”
from entering China.

The statement says that it shows the regime still wants to hide
the truth of the suppression of the June 4 incident.

The regime attempts to hide the Chinese Communist
Party’s (CCP) violence.

On April 11, more than 50 members of the Hong Kong
Legislative Council formed a team and arrived in Shanghai.
Leung Kwok-hung was refused entry due to the materials of
June 4 incident found in his luggage.
Leung had to return to Hong Kong.

Edit/Zhou Yulin