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福建访民申请游行 被拒绝


Oct.22 Human Rights Update

Let’s take a look at the latest human rights activities
in mainland China.

Shandong Court Illegally Tries Six Falun Gong Practitioners

On Oct.22, Minghui (minghui.org) reported an illegal trial
held in a court in Gaomi City, Shandong Province on Oct.14.
against four Falun Gong practitioners in Gaomi
and another two from Qingdao City.

The trial only allowed one family member per defendant to
be present, and a counsel tried to defend the practitioners,
but the judge abruptly interrupted his speech many times,
and two practitioners defended their innocence themselves.

Sources say the six practitioners had been abducted by
the 610-Office of Weifang City, Gaomi City
and by the Gaomi state security department on Apr.4,
and were held in Weifang Detention Center for six months.

CCP Suppresses Protest by House Owners in Dongguan

On Oct.21, nearly 100 house purchasers protested the third-
stage construction plan of Liao Garden—a community
residence in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province—and were
suppressed by hundreds of police and arrested after visiting
the municipal government in protest.


According to the story posted online by house owners,
they had purchased houses of Liao Garden’s third-stage
construction plan in 2010 and under the contracts,
the properties were supposed to be ready in December 2011
or June 2012, however, the handover was not completed
due to quality issues and the developer bankrupted in 2012.

The land they were building on was auctioned off by
the local government and all proceeds were then divided
by banks and several governmental units.

The house owners demanded the local government complete
the construction plan, using part of the money earned from
the land sales, but they are yet to receive any response.

Hubei Urban Management Officers Assaults Villagers

A villager in Yangxin County of Huangshi City, Hubei Province,
built a two-story house without paying “taxes” for
the additional floor.

Consequently over 200 armed “urban management officers”
assaulted the villagers in Yangxin, beating up whoever they
saw, arresting many and leaving over 20 villagers injured
with one in serious condition, on Oct.20.

Villagers say the local government only allow them to build
a one-story home, and any additional floor results in “taxes”
of US 2,450 dollars (15,000 Yuan); properties are forcibly
demolished if the fee is not paid.

Beijing Rejects Demonstration on ‘Rule of Law’

Human Rights Campaign (hrcchina.org) reported that,
23 Fujian petitioners visited Beijing’s Public Security Corps
on Oct.21 and submitted an application to demonstrate
at Tiananmen Square at 5 pm to voice their expectation
for a real rule by law after the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session.

They said they hoped for a system in which political power
could be “caged”, but their request was denied.

Petitioners say the CCP had advocated “rule by law” as
a main topic in the Fourth Plenary Session, but it is simply
another form of the “People’s Democratic Dictatorship”,
or in other words, a one-party dictatorship.